Monthly Archives: June 2009


We now have in our possession 2000 brand spankin’ new copies of Stirring Up The Echoes for your crankin’ pleasure. So what did we do? Well, if you must know we said, “F**k it! Let’s do it to it!” And with as must haste as we could muster we hit the road and decided to tear up the greater Los Angeles area for the weekend. So thats where we are; enjoying the sun, meeting new folks, and getting the music where it belongs, IN THE HANDS AND EARS OF THE PEOPLE! But don’t fret children of the Bay we shall return and rock your pants off! (Thats right! I said pants! Not even your socks! We’ll blow the pants off ya!)

– David Unger



Just freshly picked and posted for your viewing pleasure are some pictures from rehearsal. And with these sessions of controlled chaos becoming more frequent in preparation for the upcoming summer shows be sure to keep checking the pictures page for more of these artsy visual nibblers.

– David Unger

Hello World

Hello world, and welcome to  Right now we are focusing on getting our live performance up to par for future shows.  Our goal is to have our live show ready by mid to late July. “Stirring Up The Echoes” will be available towards the end of this month so Stay Posted!

– David Unger