As a completely unrelated but totally cool sidenote…

Y’all should really check out Dredg’s new album The Pariah, The Parrot, And The Delusion. We have been and continue to be both inspired and humbled by this local quartets musical and artistic endeavors.  The sonic textures, songwriting, and boundaries these guys like to explore is absolutely mind shattering.  And that damn riff that the kids and Gavin sing at the beginning is way too catchy.

As we continue down our own musical path of awakening it’s always good to be reminded of how crazy and beautiful this damn stuff we stress over, fight for, and lose ourselves in can be.  To some its just sound, to others its noice, and in reality its just vibrations but to some of us these silly little sounding vibrations of noise are the reason we continue these rought acts of inhaling and exhaling, and otherwise just trying to survive.

– David Unger

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