Monthly Archives: September 2009

Some BIG News!

I didn’t tell anyone that as the September 21st my first single went out for radio. My promoter and I decided to see what would happen naturally; therefore eliminating any favorable bias from my family and friends. As it turns out, my first week was a promising one. This morning I woke up to an exciting phone call and some shocking emails from my promoter. These emails were all music industry charts that indicated the current top songs for radio. Fortunately, I now appear on these charts. Here is a list of the charts and where I rank when applicable.

Hot 100 Singles Chart (Top40 and AC/HotAC Formats) # 84 (I am above songs by The Fray and Rob Thomas)

AC/Hot AC Top 30 Indie Chart # 22 (I am just below a Cobra Starship song)

Top40 Top 30 Indie Chart # 17 (I am above La Roux’s kick ass song “Bulletproof”. You should check out this song!)

AC/Hot AC Most Added #3 (I am above a Bon Jovi song)

Top40 Most Added #2 (I am above Mariah Carey song)

Top40 Spincrease #2 (I am just below a Lady Gaga song)

Top40 Up & Coming

AC/Hot AC Up & Coming

AC/Hot AC Spincrease

Also, tune into FX tomorrow night at 10pm to see the episode of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” that I did some music for.

Thanks for all the support, and special thanks to Bill Jerome for working hard at getting me on these charts.

– David Unger

On The Radio!

Last month legendary music promoter Bill Jerome offered me a promotional deal for my album “Stirring Up The Echoes”. After a week of phone meetings, David Unger Music is now finally building a backbone with a radio promotion that is sure to catch the attention of many new listeners. The promotion will send the single, (“Don’t Close Your Eyes”) out to over 160 radio stations coast to coast. This will put the song into regular circulation and leave it up to the listeners to request for further airtime. The release date is September 21, 2009. As the date comes closer I will receive a list of the stations that will be playing the track. I will post this list so you guys can make request calls. Thank you for all your support and special thanks to Mom, Dad & Heide, Uncle Jerry AKA JarJar and Aunt Jennie!

– David Unger