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The Charts for the week of October 28

Does anyone remember Catdog?  I really liked that cartoon, I hope you did too.  Other than that it has been another busy but very productive week.  Hoping to get the online store launched in the next couple weeks and I have another interview sched-uled for Tuesday November 3rd.  And a special shout out to all my peeps in Oklahoma!  Thanks for the support you guys rule! Chart details are listed below:

Top 40 Main Chart:

Last Week: # 38     This Week: # 38 (Stayin’ solid)

Hot AC/AC Top 40 Main Chart: (Btw, AC = Adult Contemporary)

Brand New This Week! # 40 (Just squeakin’ in)

AC Indie Top 40 Chart:

Last Week: # 16     This Week: # 13 (Woo, woo! Blow that wihstle!)

The Spin Tracking System this week reported that I had 435 plays nationwide. (Flippin’ Sweet!)

Thanks again to everyone for all the support, come back again soon to stay in the KNOW!

– David Unger


SAY! SAY! SAY! We’re just about done editing a video to throw up all over you.  So look out for that tomorrow or Friday.  Other than that the charts are looking good and will be posted soon as well.  Does anyone else hate this traffic because of the Bay Bridge?  It’s pretty weak.  Anyways, we are working hard to get some reviews of the album so if you want to speak your mind or have a music website in mind that you think is cool, let us know!

– David Unger

The Banner is here!

In fact the banner may have even brought you here.  SWEET!  If you haven’t seen it yet cruise on by the Myspace and snag one of those bad boys for your very own “space” and then go and add one to your little brothers, and your grandma’s and even that friend that you have that doesn’t realize that you know their password.  We’re really proud of it because we don’t know much about HTML and we perservered until we got it right!  That’s how David Unger Music rolls!  SDMF!!! (For all you Black Label fans out there)

– David Unger

Copy this code to your website to display this banner!

On A More Serious Note…

As soon as we get the details all ironed out it should also be noted that as soon as the store is up (and even if you buy a CD right now) we are going to make a donation to the Stanford Cancer Center.  Whenever any item is sold we will donate $1 to Stanford’s cancer research efforts.  Meaning, that if you logged on to the store and bought two shirts and a CD we would donate $3 to making sure that cancer is history.  We chose the Stanford Cancer Center because it is local and we know that all the good folks there are actively pursuing the causes and treatments that are going to make a difference for all human kind (and maybe animals too!).

– David Unger