The Charts for the week of October 14th

The trend has continued again. I am still steadily moving up on the charts. My spin count is raising, more stations are adding me, and I just snagged an R&R station in Texas. The R&R stations are the biggest and hardest stations to get on if you are not signed to a label. Hopefully I will grab some more of these stations. Here are the Chart details below.

Hot 100 Singles Chart (Top40 and AC/HotAC Formats)   – last week I was 56, now I’m 48

Top40 Top 30 Indie Chart    – Last week I was 13, now I’m 11

I am also moving up on this new chart called Chart bound. Being on this chart basically means that I am in the stages of moving onto the Top 40 of the Main Chart. The top 40 on the Main Chart is a big deal and I hope I make it.

Chartbound – I’m 2nd in line

Thanks for all the support out there. Your emails and comments mean a lot.

– David Unger

3 thoughts on “The Charts for the week of October 14th

  1. Momma

    Come over Sat,Sun or Monday. You sounded happy on your message this am. Awesome! Love, Love, Love…….

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