The Charts for the week of October 21

This has already been a busy week for me.  I had my first over the phone radio interview yesterday with a radio station out in Oklahoma.  I am going to have to work on these because they make me a little  nervous. I did manage to pull it off without sounding like an idiot, so that’s good.  My promoter told me that he is taking an ad out in the magazine New Music Weekly. Hopefully this will bring some new fans to the music.  My promoter also paid for some ad time on that big R&R station out in Texas,  so outside of the charts this has been a productive week.  As for the Charts…… The trend has continued yet again. I am still steadily moving up on the charts. My spin count is raising and more stations are adding me. Here are the Chart details below.

Hot 100 Singles Chart (Top40 and AC/HotAC Formats)   – last week I was 48, now I’m 46

Top40 Top 30 Indie Chart    – Last week I was 11, now I’m 10

I am off the chart bound list because I made it on the Top 40 Main Chart at # 38

I am the only Independent artist on this chart.

Thanks for all the support out there. Your emails and comments mean a lot.  I really appreciate it.

– David Unger

2 thoughts on “The Charts for the week of October 21

  1. Uncle JarJar

    BIG TIME!!! You’re on the way of making it…BIG TIME!!!

    I’m popping a Keystone to celebrate…again.

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