Sorry we’ve been a little slow about the posts this week, David was a little under the weather but we did manage to get some of the video for Don’t Close Your Eyes in the can for the Asia release.  We are still in good standing on the charts and next week looks to be very promising, OUR PLAYS ARE UP PEOPLE! For those of who  pick up a copy of New Music Weekly magazine be sure to chech out the ad-ver-tis-ment for David Unger Music.  We hear its pretty sweet but we have yet to track a copy of this fine publication down.

And for all you eager beavers out there who are chompin at the bit for the store to be up Donbon says the art work is going to be done Friday; so as soon as we have our production meeting (on Friday) we will post an exact opening date.

Next month we resume writing new material for the next record and live shows are going to be slated for January, so make your new years resolution to rock out with DUM! We’ll keep ya posted.


– David Unger Music

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