Today we get to hear the first song for the new album that has been mixed by the awesome Scott Miller! FLIPPIN’ SWEET! Have I used enough exclamation points yet!? I’m really stoked about it.  He mixed our cover of Fireflies by Owl City, which if you haven’t checked out by now is just a shame.  You’re only doing yourself a disservice and more importantly depriving yourself of a few good laughs if you haven’t seen the video yet. (You get to see me act a fool and dance like a moron, c’mon people that’s just funny)  I’ll put it below for all you slackers.

We are going to hear a mix of the song, “I Do Not Know” and just based on the conversations David and I have had with Mr. Miller about it I know it’s going to kill.  Otherwise we just need to lay down vocals for two more songs and the album is DONE! HOLY GUACAMOLE!

wentz photos 041

Turn it up to 11!  DUM LOVES YA!


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