Having heard the preliminary mix of the song “I Do Not Know” I must say that we are pretty excited.  Mr. Scott Miller is definitely adding another dimension to DUM’s music.  If you’ve got a nice system to listen to music on this album is gonna kill!

wentz 2 106

In other news Donbon is really stepping up his game on the art for the new album.  I wish we could show it to you guys but that would ruin the whole surprise, wouldn’t it?  And personally, I’m a big fan of surprises.  Which sucks for you because I CONTROL THE WEBSITE!!!! MWA HA HA!

Also, posted a few new pics.  If your wondering about the kitties, they live in David’s backyard and their my little fuzzy buddies who think of me as the “food guy.”  But it’s cool, they’re warming up to me slowly.

Take care and spread the love,


2 thoughts on “MIX MASTER MILLER

  1. Donbon

    I really enjoy the fact that you let the fans know that you control the website and force surprises on them ha ha. But i maybe I’ll leak something on my site… perhaps, a “secret site”. hmmmmm.


  2. Neil

    Really looking forward to buying the new album and maybe actually seeing you guys for the first time since Kobalt! That’s just too damn long. Hope all is well with you guys. And Donbon, please call it donbonssecretsauce.com. Take care all.

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