I’ve kind of been on a kick of watching music DVDs the past couple of days.  I know that there are a lot of Sigur Ros fans out there but for those who aren’t aware they made a film a couple of years back called Heima. It’s a bunch documentary/live footage from a tour they did at home, in Iceland.  I think it’s particularly cool because some of my instructor’s at Musicians Institute worked on it.

The cinematography is absolutely gorgeous.  It’s like watching Lord of The Rings and wanting to go New Zealand afterward.  If you watch Heima you will just want to go to Iceland to take in scenery.  And once again for anyone who is a bit of a romantic about being an artist and making music, like me, the footage of them playing definitely doesn’t disappoint.  You get to watch four people have a series of great conversations without saying a word to one another.

A highly recommended addition to any music lovers video library.


Heima Trailer

As always Peace and Love to all hippies and non-hippies alike,

– Wentz

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