…or Emeryville. Between David, Marsh, and myself we’ve probably racked up about ten hours of sleep (all three combined) in the last thirty-six hours.  ABSOLUTE MADNESS!  We tracked the drums for the album today and we must say, Dave Criss came in and killed it!  He’s a helluva nice guy and a damn fine drummer.  Also, Scott Miller was kind enough to engineer it for us so big, big thanks to him again.

Between getting the drumage canned and a celebratory BBQ I have to say that all in all the past two days have been pretty awesome.  We NEED to sleep so I’ll post more info later but I did snag one picture of Mr. Criss to hold you over ’til then.


Love and sheep people cuz Imma be countin’ em,


p.s. If you’re wondering about Emeryville, it’s where we tracked the drums.  ; )

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