The End

That’s right folks, we are right at the end of production for the album.  YAY!  We just have a few loose ends to tie up and be done here in a couple of days.  Then Mr. Miller will have his way with all the tracks and you should be holding a brand new DUM cd come the end of May or early June.

We are pretty excited about it; it’s definitely a progression from the first album.  Which makes us happy because we think that it’s something that all artists should do.  From the lyrics, to the arrangement, and the overall production value I think everything is sounding, “better.”  I put it in quotes because I know that really “better” is a relative term.  Just like all beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so all sonic madness is in the ears of the insane.

Also, posted some new pics from the drum sessions be sure to check those out.  I actually got a couple of decent shots of Miller; which isn’t easy to do because the man never sits still.


And on a final note David wanted me to say, “HI” to everyone.

Share the wealth and share the Love,

– Wentz

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