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Having heard the preliminary mix of the song “I Do Not Know” I must say that we are pretty excited.  Mr. Scott Miller is definitely adding another dimension to DUM’s music.  If you’ve got a nice system to listen to music on this album is gonna kill!

wentz 2 106

In other news Donbon is really stepping up his game on the art for the new album.  I wish we could show it to you guys but that would ruin the whole surprise, wouldn’t it?  And personally, I’m a big fan of surprises.  Which sucks for you because I CONTROL THE WEBSITE!!!! MWA HA HA!

Also, posted a few new pics.  If your wondering about the kitties, they live in David’s backyard and their my little fuzzy buddies who think of me as the “food guy.”  But it’s cool, they’re warming up to me slowly.

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Today we get to hear the first song for the new album that has been mixed by the awesome Scott Miller! FLIPPIN’ SWEET! Have I used enough exclamation points yet!? I’m really stoked about it.  He mixed our cover of Fireflies by Owl City, which if you haven’t checked out by now is just a shame.  You’re only doing yourself a disservice and more importantly depriving yourself of a few good laughs if you haven’t seen the video yet. (You get to see me act a fool and dance like a moron, c’mon people that’s just funny)  I’ll put it below for all you slackers.

We are going to hear a mix of the song, “I Do Not Know” and just based on the conversations David and I have had with Mr. Miller about it I know it’s going to kill.  Otherwise we just need to lay down vocals for two more songs and the album is DONE! HOLY GUACAMOLE!

wentz photos 041

Turn it up to 11!  DUM LOVES YA!


A Little Love ; )

Just wanted to show a little love for our good friend and comrade in arms Donbon.  He’s got a bunch of cool stuff you can check out at his website (see link below pic).  And if perchance you find yourself in downtown San Jose around the Kaleid art gallery (on the corner of 4th street and San Fernando) you could always pick up some of his fine wears in person.  I personally purchased a pretty gnarly button with a pig on it and a t-shirt just recently.  It’s pretty awesome stuff and I have to say it does brightens my day on a regular basis.


Donbon’s Universe

Have awesome day or evening or morning depending on where you are,

– Wentz


Got a few new photos that I have been slackin’ on uploading.  The timeline on them is a little wonky so they could be from anytime last summer until recently.


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Just wanted to ask, HOW IS EVERYBODY DOING?  Haven’t seen a lot of you folks lately and we miss you guys.  Most of our days are spent either locked up in out little orange den of musical sin or at the Starbucks on Tully.  By the way you guys rule!  We’ve probably consumed more tea than a small province in China in the past couple of months.  But that is neither here nor there, what’s important is that we are in the final stretch of production for the album.

Talk about an epic experience.  David says to us in December of last year, “Alright guys, I want the album done and shipped off for pressing by April 15th.”  After staring at him for what seemed like a few minutes I said, “Uh, …ok.” (Please take into account we had not started doing anything for another album at this point) But here we are in mid March and we are almost ready to wrap it up before it gets mixed, friggin’ crazy.  Hopefully, you’ll see us outside enjoying the sunlight (and some hacky sack) soon.

Take care of yourselves and each other,

Love to all,