We are DONE! …with recording, that is.  Now, we move on to the mixing and mastering stage.  Mr. Scott Miller has finished mixing the first song, titled “I Do Not Know.”  What did we think?  We both gave him a hug! Seriously, it sounds phenomenal.  I would not hesitate to put up against anything else that’s out there today.  Also, we finished up the rest of the little minor details and overdubs and what-have-yous today;. so once the album is mixed, mastered and duplicated, IT’S YOURS!  This is a really exciting time for everyone in D.U.M. so we hope you all stay tuned in the next few weeks because, once this thing is out we are hitting the ground running.  There’s gonna be some Youtube hilariousness, LIVE SHOWS, and maybe even some unplugged ear candy. (if I can convince David to do it, keep your fingers crossed, he’s a busy guy)

In closing I will leave you with a picture of the man himself (Scott Miller) at work on the record.


Love and thanks for all the support,

– Wentz

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