Mini- Vacation and Awesomeness

Uploaded some new pics from our mini-vaca to Orcutt Burgers and Crosby’s.  The burgers were pretty awesome but the WINGS RULE!  Highly recommended if you are going to be in Incline Village.  Be sure to get them double-dipped.


Also, if you get a chance I started reading this really awesome book, Practicing, by Glenn Kurtz.  If you are a guitar player or any type of musician who has had formal training you really should check this book out.

Having gone to Musicians Institute in Hollywood I’ve had my fair share of just sitting and practicing and practicing and practicing with my instrument; and to be quite honest every now and then I get really burned out on playing guitar.  It’s hard for me to take something that I love more than words can express and then try to unravel all the mysteries of it.  All the romance and intrigue goes right out the window and some days I just walk right by it and try to ignore the nagging sense of guilt that comes with not playing it.  But then there are the days when I lose track of time and even my hands while playing the guitar and I fall head-first into this wonderful cacophony of notes and rhythms that takes me to a place where I’m free; without a care in the world.  And that’s the kind of thing that this book talks about.  It’s not about “how to practice” or “what to practice;” it’s about the experience of honing your craft and becoming all that you are meant to become as a musician.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Practicing: A Musicians Return To Music

Love and Sunshine until we meet again,

– Wentz

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