Jack Douglas and a News Update!

This last week we have been working very hard on finishing up our live show. We are just about to start booking shows for the last bit of this summer. We are doing an interesting live show. I am singing and playing guitar while also playing the kick and snare drum with my feet. Marsh is playing the bass and high hat while doing some backup vocals. Wentz is playing the lead guitar and hitting the crashes with his feet as well. It is a freak show of epic proportions but it is a lot of fun.

As far as the record, we are in the final stretch of mixing. We should have the final mixes here in about two weeks or so. Then once it is mixed, it will take about a week to get it mastered and another week to get it pressed. So get ready for a new full length album at the beginning of July. The title of the new album is “Forever Never Maybe”. If you are interested in what the artwork looks like you can take a sneak peek on “Donbon’s” website here at www.donbonsuniverse.com We also have the track listing on there as well.

This week I had two recording sessions with legendary record producer Jack Douglas.  He produced every Aerosmith record ever made and john Lennon’s last piece of work “Double Fantasy”.  It was an awesome experience.  I gave him a copy of “Stirring Up The Echoes”.  He told me he would listen to it on the drive down to LA.  I hope he enjoys it.

-David Unger

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