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Forever, Never, August 30th!

That’s right kiddies you read that title right.WE ARE DONE!

We dropped off the album yesterday morning at duplication and WE ARE SUPER EXCITED! Next Friday we will pick up a ton of bran-spankin-new copies of the long awaited Forever, Never, Maybe. Which means if you should be able to obtain one on August 30th if you happen to know us. For all the rest of you happy-peppy-people that album will be available for download online by about September 3rd.

It’s been a long process and we are beyond stoked to be moving into supporting the album with… dare I say it!? LIVE SHOWS!!! OMG! Can you believe it!? It’s been a couple of minutes since you’ve seen us but we will be back with a vengeance. And we can not give enough thanks for all the support we’ve have from our fans, friends, and family throughout this process. It’s amazing how much love there is to go around. LET’S KEEP IT COMING!

One person, of special note, who does hold a special place in our hearts and our lives is the ever-amiable and talented Donbon! From last minute changes to long nights spent up with us going over proofs of artwork he’s been amazing. If you haven’t already cruised by his site, YOU SHOULD, I will include a link below. The weekly comic alone is worth the price of admission. (Which is just a little bit of your time and a click of the mouse BTW)


Click Thy Mouse Here To Enter Donbon’s Universe

Stay tuned for more updates as the date closes in. AUGUST 30th! SAVE THE DATE PEEPS!

Love and Epic Rock n’ Roll to all,

– Wentz

Child Trafficking For A Good Cause

Yes, it’s true we have been involved in the trafficking of small plastic-headed children as of late.  And it’s hard for us to admit it but we really do believe that the child is in a better place now.  With a parent who will be able to provide more for it then we ever could.  …sniffle. The silver lining on this dark cloud of baby-less sadness is that someone did spot our former child recently.  Below is a picture of our former offspring with his new father B.o.B.


This picture was taken at a live performance at Six Flags in Chicago, IL. And in case you’re not in the know about this whole magic baby business, then watch the video below and it will explain.

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It’s been an epic journey for us and our magic baby and we hope the future only holds more excitement.

Love and Adoptions,

– Wentz

Oops! We did it again!

That’s right kids and kidettes we just finished another cover song and video! This time we chose the Bruno Mars song Just The Way You Are. It’s a really awesome tune and we think it’ll be a big hit. A huge thanks goes out to all the lovely ladies that made this video possible. Hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.

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Also, please note if you try to get a hold of us for the next couple of days we may not get back to you due to the fact that we are camping. ; )

Love and Lipstick,