Child Trafficking For A Good Cause

Yes, it’s true we have been involved in the trafficking of small plastic-headed children as of late.  And it’s hard for us to admit it but we really do believe that the child is in a better place now.  With a parent who will be able to provide more for it then we ever could.  …sniffle. The silver lining on this dark cloud of baby-less sadness is that someone did spot our former child recently.  Below is a picture of our former offspring with his new father B.o.B.


This picture was taken at a live performance at Six Flags in Chicago, IL. And in case you’re not in the know about this whole magic baby business, then watch the video below and it will explain.

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It’s been an epic journey for us and our magic baby and we hope the future only holds more excitement.

Love and Adoptions,

– Wentz

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