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“I Do Not Know” Official Music Video!

Here it is kiddies! Our first music video of many to come from our brand-spanking new record, Forever Never Maybe! Enjoy and share :)

P.S. It seems like there might be a big show just around the corner. We will keep you posted with the details tomorrow. GET EXCITED
– David Unger

B.o.B Still Likes Us!

SUPER STOKED! …let me say it again. WE ARE SUPER STOKED! We found out today that B.o.B posted the follow up video to Youtube cover Magic on his website. Then, because the digital world is insane and all in sync and stuff, it appeared on B.o.B’s Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and even Atlantic records Twitter.

BoB Baby ATL

Check it Out at B.o.B’s Page

It just goes to show how awesome B.o.B and his crew are. Be sure to go show them some love both on the interweb and in person if they happen to be playing a show near you. Also, don’t forget we have more videos coming soon to our Youtube page too. Subscribe, Rate, and Comment please.

Love and No Carpal Tunnel (Get off the computer and enjoy nature or something),

– Wentz

La Roux in Technicolor

It’s been a very busy week. Our new video cover of La Roux’s, In For The Kill, got launched and we are almost done with an original music video for the song I Do Not Know off of Forever Never Maybe. And as always we encourage you to swing by our Youtube page to check out our other videos as well as subscribe! You guys truly are awesome fans and we appreciate the constant love and support. You’re the reason we keep doing this!

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Love and Pink Shiny Fabric to all,

– Wentz

Tweedely Tweet! And CONTEST!!!

Much to our surprise, iPopMusic tweeted about our new album, Forever Never Maybe, being available on iTunes. ROCK! If you’re into pop music and have a Twitter account I highly suggest you check them out. They are constantly posting about new pop music that is out on iTunes. It can be a lot to handle if you try to check out all of the stuff they tweet about, but even if you just check occasionally it’s a great way to find out about new stuff that’s becoming available over the interweb.

iPopmusic Shot

Also! We were featured on a very cool blog site called Spin Town. They feature musicians from Youtube on a regular basis. So if you’re like us and happen to very Youtube inclined people then this blog is a really cool way to help you sift through the universe of available covers on Youtube and find the good stuff. GO CHECK EM OUT!

Spin Town Logo

Last, but certainly not least we are having… (drum roll) A CONTEST! More details will be coming soon (via a Youtube video) but we can say that whoever wins will get copies of both records that are signed and will be featured in one of our upcoming Youtube videos. This is going to be a Twitter based contest so if you’re not already part of the phenomenon then get off your butt and on the bandwagon! It’s 2010 PEOPLE! THE WORLD IS DIGITAL! Click the picture below to visit our Twitter and become a follower so that you can be eligible when the contest starts.

Twitter Banner

Love and #’s (aka hashtags),

– Wentz

Who Doesn’t Love Money?

All the cool kids already know you can now purchase our album through both iTunes and CDBaby! So, now you have the chance to show your money how much you love it by putting it towards an awesome new album, Forever Never Maybe. But fear not children of the interweb! We wouldn’t want to part you with very much of your hard earned earnings. A hard copy will run ya $8 and a digital download from either site runs $9.99.

In other news, our good buddy Sean Palsgaard shot a funny promo video for us on a recent trip to LA. And we should have some more videos full of our own brand of hilarity soon. Video edititng takes time my cheeky little monkeys! Stay tune for more info.

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Love and Full Pocket Books,

– Wentz

The DUM-Pire Strikes Back!

That’s right kiddies our video of B.o.B.’s song Magic is up and running again! For those of you who don’t know a couple of weeks ago Warner Music Group pulled our cover song off of Youtube due to “copyright” reasons. ….cough!…BULLCORN!…cough!

Not being the type to be kept down by the suits at the top of the corporate food chain, as soon as we found out, we filed a counter claim through Youtube. Due to the fact that Warner Music Group did not respond to our counter claim OUR VIDEO IS BACK UP!

Let’s all celebrate and pass it around to our friends again. It’s still a rockin’ song and B.o.B is a really awesome guy! (If you don’t believe me check out our mini-documentary about meeting him)


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Love and Rage Against The Machine,

– Wentz