B.o.B Still Likes Us!

SUPER STOKED! …let me say it again. WE ARE SUPER STOKED! We found out today that B.o.B posted the follow up video to Youtube cover Magic on his website. Then, because the digital world is insane and all in sync and stuff, it appeared on B.o.B’s Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and even Atlantic records Twitter.

BoB Baby ATL

Check it Out at B.o.B’s Page

It just goes to show how awesome B.o.B and his crew are. Be sure to go show them some love both on the interweb and in person if they happen to be playing a show near you. Also, don’t forget we have more videos coming soon to our Youtube page too. Subscribe, Rate, and Comment please.

Love and No Carpal Tunnel (Get off the computer and enjoy nature or something),

– Wentz

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