Rocketeering into Forever (Never, Maybe?)

Thanks for being patient everyone. We’ve been pretty busy lately, but we did manage to put up another absolutely kickin’ cover song recently. If you haven’t checked out Rocketeer yet be sure to swing on by the David Unger Music Youtube page. As always I will embed the video below for the lazy and the forgetful. We love you all the same. ; )

Click the “like” (aka the thumbs up) button on the page. Believe it or not that helps us out quite a bit. Isn’t the internet a funny little monster? (Btw that’s rhetorical, don’t answer.)

Also there’s is good news from the charts!

STS Up and Coming The Spin Tracking System says we are up thirty seven spins! Which I think is pretty awesome for being an independent artist. We’re in the same league as the big dogs now! DAVID UNGER MUSIC IS TAKING OVER! …almost.

We haven’t starting doing car commercials yet; so maybe after a couple of those and a few million more album sales we’ll be in a position to at least make a bid on the whole taking over bit.

On a completely unrelated note, Donbon’s new calendar is out. Start the year off right and know what you are gonna be doing everyday next year with Donbon All Around the World. ¬†And if you’re not a SF Bay Area native you can always order one here.

Love and Holiday Pies!

– Wentz

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