David Unger Music and B.o.B Part III

We  have a new video up. Be sure to check it out, visit our Youtube page, click the like button, and send it to all your friends and family. Thank you in advance, you guys rule!

B.o.B. and Playboy Tre’s hospitality knows no ends as you are about to see…


Check out B.o.B’s new mixtape No Genre. It drops today people AND it’s free! I downloaded it last night and I’be been rollin’ around to it all morning, because it’s off the heezy. (BTW you can just click on the pic below to get to the download page.)

And just a reminder Playboy Tre’s mixtape Last Call is also available for download. But you should already have it… right? IT CAME OUT IN AUGUST PEOPLE! Download it and rock it; if you haven’t already.

Love and Warm Beverages to all,

– Wentz

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