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We will be playing a show Thursday December 23rd at the Mojo Lounge in Fremont. There is no cover and it is 21 and over (sorry yougins). ¬†We are playing a full forty minute set so bring your rockin shoes because I’m sure you’ll be tappin’ some toes. And be sure to check out Mancandy who so graciously invited us to play.

As an added incentive, if you made it up to Cafe Du Nord for the last show be sure to make it Thursday because we’ve changed the show up quite a bit. THERE’S FOUR OF US ON STAGE NOW! What does it mean? Who is this mysterious fourth harbinger of rock? There’s only one way to find out…

In other news, as stated in a previous post we’ve been invited to the 53rd annual Grammys this coming February, so if you’re going or planning to be the in area be sure to hit us up. More info can be found at the Recording Academy’s website. I just wanted to mention it again because we got the tickets… AND IT’S PRETTY FRIGGIN EXCITING!

This might not have anything to do with us but I am really excited about an album that comes out next month. If you have some time go check out Abigail Washburn. I highly recommend the second track off of her forthcoming album City of Refuge titled, Bring Me My Queen. It might not be the high intensity and cacophonous kind of music that most people think I listen to 24/7 but might as well be. That song in particular hit me so hard that I been listening to it on her website for the last week or so. Plus, she plays claw hammer banjo. BADASS!

Check out "Bring Me My Queen"

Love and Cookies and Milk (for those of you who are lactose tolerant) to all,

– Wentz

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