Thanks Again 2010

With just a couple of days left before 2011 I thought it was time to take a minute and say thanks. It’s been a great year for all of us and we’ve accomplished quite a bit. Here are the high points as I recall them:

  • Wrote, recorded, and released Forever Never Maybe
  • Went from one Youtube video w/ less than 100,00 views to twenty videos w/ 1 million+ views
  • David graduated and obtained his bachelor degree from Expression College
  • We got endorsed by Jim Dunlop; maker of fine musical accessories
  • Got to meet and hang with a bunch of professional/more successful musicians
  • Played live shows!

And all because you guys actually like what we do. Which is very humbling; amidst the infinite amount of available media out there, you (the fans) have been extremely supportive and encouraging to us. We appreciate all the love, a lot. And just know that we are only going to raise the bar for 2011.

Here are some pictures from our live shows. There will be more to follow, I just have to keep going through them and get them uploaded.

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Also, not that it matters to most of you but we recently changed hosting services for the website and will completely overhauling it come January. So be sure to check back and check it out!

We hope that all of you have a safe and rockin’ new year!

Love and Silly String,

– Wentz

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