Ever Headbanged to Ukulele?

I’ve really liked this guy for a long time and thought I would just spread the love. Jake Shimabukuro is the baddest ass uke player on the planet. I totally had a Wayne’s World moment during this cover. And if you’re not old enough to understand that reference then go watch Wayne’s World!

And while the quality of the previous video may be better, the only reason I knew anything about this guy is because of the video below.

I hope that these tunes and the new year are finding you well and productive. I’ll keep ya updated on the newest happenings from the D.U.M. camp as soon as they become available. In the meantime, (ROCK! to any Helmet fans out there) I’m working on updating this sight! So sit tight and stay tuned.

Love and a longing for Hawaii,

– Wentz

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