New Dunlop goodies from NAMM 2011!

I am super stoked about the new stuff our friends at Jim Dunlop came out with at NAMM last week in Anaheim. Particularly the Wylde Phase and the Bass Compressor. Be sure to check out all the info at Dunlop’s Blog.


And just incase you’ve been living under a giant guitar playing rock don’t forget next month Crybaby the movie comes out!


Being a huge fan of hard rock and heavy metal from the eighties and nineties it’s one of those sounds that’s been ingrained in my DNA at this point. The soundtrack to my teenage years was Metallica, Alice in Chains, and G & F’n R! It’s not gonna come out soon enough.

Also, we’re almost done updating the site, thanks for your patience.

Love and WAH,

– Wentz

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