Grammy Madness!

Keep your fingers crossed so that B.o.B wins!

Sorry that things have been a little slow on your end since the Ke$ha video and the website overhaul. We’ve been busy handling preparations for the Grammys and deciding the fate of 2011 as far as DUM is concerned. Hope you guys like the new site, it should function a lot better, if you have any questions or encounter any problems please email me.

We are planning on getting a lot accomplished in Los Angeles this weekend and we’ll be sure to shoot a bunch of footage and maybe even take some pictures; since we’ll be dressed up and all. ┬áPLUS WE CAN GO TO ROSCOES!!! I really miss that place, and the warm food coma feeling I get when I’m done eating. Yum. I’ll be posting quite a bit more this week so stay tuned folks.

Love and waffles,

– Wentz

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