LA Day Two


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Everyone is still sleeping but I think I can speak for all of us when I say we’re having a great time so far.
Got our Grammy tickets yesterday and met up with some old friends. It’s pretty exciting seeing the red carpet get set up and all. More that later though.
There was a bunch of really awesome looking food trucks down the street from the Staples Center yesterday; hopefully I’ll get to check one (OR A FEW!) out later today. Gotta see how they stack up to my favorite Mogo BBQ truck back home.
Don’t know what the plan for today is just yet but I’ll keep ya posted. Too early to really think straight just yet.
Damn, is it wrong to be craving a short rib burrito before 8:30AM!? Enjoy your burrito! (any Nerdist fans out there?)

Love and Korean bbq/mexican fusion to all,

– Wentz

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