Youtube Partners and the Grammys

Seriously, go check out Pomplamoose.

It has been one heck of a week. After our romp at the 53rd Grammys last weekend we came home to find out just a couple of days later that we have become Youtube Partners. This is a huge honor and we are very grateful to Youtube for allowing us join the ranks of hard working musicians who are using their service as a real promotion and distribution tool in the new music industry. Be sure to check out our revamped page here.

So, how were the Grammys? PRETTY DARN AWESOME! We got to walk the red carpet and mill about with lots of people whom we respect very much at the pre telecast awards. And of course the telecast portion of the evening was a huge production. The only really weird thing is sitting in the Staples Center and hearing the announcer say that we were going to commercial and then… nothing, we are still sitting in a big arena with nothing going on. Everyone at home was being bombarded with high dollar advertisements and I was sitting there looking at Marsh going, “this is kind of strange.” Other than that we all had a great time. The Roots absolutely killed at the after party.

Since we weren’t allowed to bring legitimate cameras with us everywhere I will have to collect and distribute the pictures we were able to take with our phones, but in good time.

Finally, expect more good stuff soon. We’ve been pretty busy getting all the legalities of the Youtube partnership under control and once we’re done then we are going to begin writing another album, start working on new videos, work on a couple of collaborations, and just generally be pretty busy. So fear not, there will be plenty of DUM to go around.

Love and Youtube,

– Wentz

One thought on “Youtube Partners and the Grammys

  1. Alister Britley

    wentz –
    About time you guys put out a new video. Love your stuff. Also, post some pics from your trip to LA and the emmys.


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