Gas Prices

Hi everyone! We just finished our new video “Gas Prices”.  It is the first single off our upcoming EP “Beta Byte” which should be coming out within a month or so.  I hope you all enjoy the video. We put a lot of heart and soul into it and it is by far the most intense production we have done to date.  Big thanks to Director Sean Palsgaard and VFX Director Chris Unger.  Please leave us a comment letting us know what you think. Also at the bottom there is a link to download the Gas Prices single off Itunes.

Download it on Itunes here: Gas Prices

Thank you to everyone for all the support!

– David Unger

One thought on “Gas Prices

  1. Matthew Gilbert

    Only $60 to fill up a tank of an average 4 door car, it’s really not bad at all! Make a new version called Petrol Prices and release it in the UK…

    Lovin the rolling news scripts at the bottom :-)

    Great voice, why aren’t you globally famous yet?

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