Hi everyone,

Thanks for your support over the last few weeks. I wanted to share something that occurred recently and deserves, I think, a mention. I had an unusually negative comment on my Drake cover. After clicking on the name of the commenter (Chris Distefano), I noticed that he said he is the owner/producer of the channel SantinoProductions (Santino is a fellow competitor). I also saw that Chris Distefano’s comments on other Drake covers were extremely mean spirited. You can see in the image attached. There is great talent in this contest! Having reached out to many of the contestants, I found that most (including me) are supportive and excited for each other. Both Lakyn Heperi and Ollie Marland have replied with nothing but positive messages, and have shown great sportsmanship. As a community of musicians, we should all be as supportive as Lakyn and Ollie. I know that you can’t control what viewers post/say, but it shows character when a competitor’s team starts a negative campaign against fellow musicians. This is not politics. Santino’s team’s bullying could cost contestants more than just a few votes; it’s more serious than that. I won’t stand for this kind of behavior. Cyberbullying needs to stop. Putting it on blast!

– David

PS – Santino, I think you are very talented. You don’t need to be associated with this kind of negativity, and I hope you don’t stand for this. Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 2.13.03 PM

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