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Empire Strikes Back Face Replace

During the swell of hype for The Force Awakens we got “Tired of Waiting”. So, we decided to create a video to keep us occupied. We know Star Wars fans are sick of the original trilogy getting tampered with, but we think we’ve created an exception to the rule. We pulled a George Lucas and made this super over-the-top “Special Edition” of Star Wars: Episode V -The Empire Strikes Back. Check it out below:

If you like these types of videos, please give us a suggestion on what we should do next. Thank you!

May the force be with you,




Indiana Jones & the Temple of DUM

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is one of our favorite movies, and in this Face Replace parody video we pulled out all the stops. There are so many hidden easter eggs, not to mention that Chuck Norris appears a bunch of times. See if you can find him throughout the video. What Face Replace do you want to see next?


Jurassic Park with DUM VFX: “it’s the most beautiful thing I ever saw”!


Jurassic Park is my favorite movie, and now that we made this video; “it’s the most beautiful thing I ever saw”! This one was so nostalgic to us, and we hope you like it as much as we do.

Please check out our friends (“LowCarbComedy”) who collaborated with us on this video: