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Happy Valentines Day!!!

To celebrate all the love that’s inspired from a day like today, we are releasing our latest music video which is a love story. I hope you enjoy it…

To download this track:

Listen on Spotify:

Zombies & Sunshine,


5 Years of DUM on YouTube!

5yearsYouTubeToday (October 31st 2014) marks the 5 year anniversary from when we first started our YouTube channel. So many amazing things have happened to us because of this platform, and I just wanted to make a timeline to highlight some of these crazy cool things. Click on the link below to see the whole story.

5 Years of DUM on YouTube!

Thank you all so much for the love and support. It keeps us going!

– David

On & On Music Video

New original music video! Maybe unsafe for work, even though we used footage from a PG movie about a sensitive little boy, who is grieving from the loss of his mother, and finds respite in a book which chronicles the plight of Fantasia in a magical land created by the dreams and the imagination of humankind which is now threatened with destruction by The Nothing (a shapeless, ominous force created by human despair). Let us know what you think!

Don’t mess with my dragon,