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Tweedely Tweet! And CONTEST!!!

Much to our surprise, iPopMusic tweeted about our new album, Forever Never Maybe, being available on iTunes. ROCK! If you’re into pop music and have a Twitter account I highly suggest you check them out. They are constantly posting about new pop music that is out on iTunes. It can be a lot to handle if you try to check out all of the stuff they tweet about, but even if you just check occasionally it’s a great way to find out about new stuff that’s becoming available over the interweb.

iPopmusic Shot

Also! We were featured on a very cool blog site called Spin Town. They feature musicians from Youtube on a regular basis. So if you’re like us and happen to very Youtube inclined people then this blog is a really cool way to help you sift through the universe of available covers on Youtube and find the good stuff. GO CHECK EM OUT!

Spin Town Logo

Last, but certainly not least we are having… (drum roll) A CONTEST! More details will be coming soon (via a Youtube video) but we can say that whoever wins will get copies of both records that are signed and will be featured in one of our upcoming Youtube videos. This is going to be a Twitter based contest so if you’re not already part of the phenomenon then get off your butt and on the bandwagon! It’s 2010 PEOPLE! THE WORLD IS DIGITAL! Click the picture below to visit our Twitter and become a follower so that you can be eligible when the contest starts.

Twitter Banner

Love and #’s (aka hashtags),

– Wentz


We woke up this morning to a ton of comments on our Youtube page saying that Nicki Minaj had Tweeted our video cover of her song Your Love!  Absolutely amazing!  HUGE shout out to Nicki for the love and support.  Check out the vid if you haven’t already.

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Movin' Nicki Minaj Post

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And also be sure to Nicki’s Myspace and Nicki’s Twitter