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The DUM-Pire Strikes Back!

That’s right kiddies our video of B.o.B.’s song Magic is up and running again! For those of you who don’t know a couple of weeks ago Warner Music Group pulled our cover song off of Youtube due to “copyright” reasons. ….cough!…BULLCORN!…cough!

Not being the type to be kept down by the suits at the top of the corporate food chain, as soon as we found out, we filed a counter claim through Youtube. Due to the fact that Warner Music Group did not respond to our counter claim OUR VIDEO IS BACK UP!

Let’s all celebrate and pass it around to our friends again. It’s still a rockin’ song and B.o.B is a really awesome guy! (If you don’t believe me check out our mini-documentary about meeting him)


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Love and Rage Against The Machine,

– Wentz