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We’re Not Talkin’ About Tires

It’s been a pretty awesome week for us. We are set to release the first single from our forthcoming album Forever, Never, Maybe and, the real icing on the pastry, is that we are proud to announce our “formal” association with Jim Dunlop Manufacturing.  For those not in the know, we’re not talkin’ about tires for your car.  These fine folks have been making world-class gear for musicians since 1965!

This is super exciting for us because we already rock lots of Dunlop gear. Once the album is out you’ll get to hear my Zakk Wylde Overdrive and Kirk Hammett Signature Wah all over it.  And when you’re in the company of names like those you know there’s no need to doubt that your gear is gonna sound great and be built like a Sherman tank.  Speaking personally, I’ve also relied on their picks and maintenance products for years. REALLY GOOD STUFF!


Check Out The Dunlop Blog Too

Love and SHRED!!! to all,

– Wentz


Even Better Than A Philly Cheesesteak!

We are proud to announce that the hit FX series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is going to use the “inspirational” bit of music that we made for them last year yet again.  Why?  Because it just rocks in such an awesomely cheesy way.

We are extremely grateful and proud that the fine folks at show have chosen to utilize and it and much thanks goes out to them for the laughs and support.  May the suits at Fox give you the budget you deserve and the freedom to make worthwhile art.

Our Signed It's Always Sunny Poster

Check Out It’s Always Sunny’s Website For More Info

BTW, they were also nice enough to sign a poster for us.  I thought  I would just show it off! YOU GUYS ROCK!

Love and Furry Animals to all,

– Wentz